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101 Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Applications Buy this book! I know you haven't even read the review yet, but take my word, if you are a VB.NET developer - particularly a beginning or intermediate developer - then you are going to want to have this book on your bookshelf. The book is divided into 16 chapters with 101 VB.NET applications grouped by topics. The majority of the book deals with VB.NET in a client/server environment, but there is some discussion of VB.NET in a Web environment as well. These topics cover a great deal of information, such as: Working with VB.NET Data access Building Windows Forms user interfaces Building Web applications Working with console applications Interacting with the operating system Working with the .NET Framework Advanced .NET Framework GDI+ Building enterprise services applications COM Interop/PInvoke Creating a VS.NET add-in Cod... (more)

Book Reviews

.NET - A Complete Development Cycle It's all a question of balance. You can apply these words of wisdom to managing software development projects and to planning out the contents of a book, but it's still a tightrope walk. Gunther Lenz and Thomas Moeller have learned this balance from their many software projects and now try to reflect their experience in this book - which, as the cover says - covers the complete development cycle of a .NET software project. In almost minute detail then we are taken through the analysis, design, implementation, deployment, and maintenance strategi... (more)

Essential .NET, Volume I: The Common Language Runtime

In a world where developers are baying for the attention of customers, very few people can claim to command that of the developer. Their blogs may be the only clue to the higher level of thinking at which they operate, creating the answers to when and why code works - in addition to the perennial how. Whether he likes it or not, Don Box is one such system-meister. He may dislike writing books, but when one of his comes out, people pay attention and read. His first foray into the field, Essential COM, was the book that explained how COM worked, and his latest, Essential .NET, does... (more)

Book Reviews

ASP.NET Developer's Cookbook The .NET Framework can be a pleasure to use, but there's so much to master that all too often we set out to do something basic only to realize we've forgotten exactly how it's done. For this very reason the concept of cookbooks exists ­ references whose purpose is to refresh the memory and suggest best practices. Cookbooks often suffer from being too subjective. You tend to get a set of tips specific to the author's line of work ­ very useful in places and sorely lacking in others. What makes this book different is that the ASP Alliance has sourced t... (more)

Microsoft .NET for Programmers

Introductory books are always a challenge to create, especially when they attempt to cover a topic as large as developing on the .NET Framework. However, at 350 pages and $35, Microsoft .NET for Programmers does an admirable job of skimming the cream off the surface and presenting it in a way that's easy to comprehend and follow. Aimed at the experienced programmer who needs a quick reference to .NET and the new technologies and concepts surrounding it, Fergal Grimes' book is, for the most part, a must have. A brief introduction to the .NET platform and the Common Language Runtime... (more)